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Digging mass graves for #climate-driven heat wave in Pakistan: “Thank G-d we are better prepared this time …”

May 23rd, 2016 · No Comments

The South Continent is, again, going through a massive heat wave with devastatingly hot temperatures in Pakistan and India.

In 2015, the 1,300 killed in the heat wave overwhelmed capacity “and the fast-decaying corpses couldn’t be buried quickly enough.”

Here is a sad, yet tangible example of adaptation in the face of mounting climate-change impacts:

Thank God, we are better prepared this year. God forbid that it happens again but we have already dug graves to accommodate 300 bodies

As another example of adaptation in an effort to reduce the death tool, with “700 makeshift relief centres, dishing out drinking water and rehydration salts” in the Karachi area along with “nearly 200 first response centres  across the city, offering basic heat-stroke treatment to swiftly stabilise patients.”

As a note, when I went to the Reuters’ site to watch the above video, there was a painfully bad juxtaposition: the advertisement that I was forced to sit through was about the Shake Shack.  Let’s think milk shakes before considering deaths from heat waves?

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