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Boiling India: some quick perspectives

May 19th, 2016 · 1 Comment

Areas of the South continent are burning up.

All hell broke loose in India, as mercury in Phalodi, Rajasthan shattered all the temperature records on Thursday. The desert town recorded maximum temperature of 51°C, which is the highest day maximum ever recorded in the country.

51 degrees celsius.  For those metric-challenged Americans, let’s put that into Fahrenheit: 123.8F.

When I did that calculation in my head, my first thought is captured here:

The basic guidance to American homeowners: set the hot water at 120F to save a little energy and, perhaps even more importantly, to reduce the risk of scalding.

In other words, water at the ambient temperature in Phalodi, India, is hotter than the hot water coming out of my hot water heater.

That is, well, hot …

Reading a bit more, another shocking moment.

Despite the generalized media mediocrity in terms of accurately discussing extreme weather within a climate-change context, this article introduced me to a new form of implicit climate denial. Rather that this heat wave being driven by a range of factors, including climate change,

All blame for the abnormally hot weather conditions can be attributed to Pakistan,

Evidently, I guess, India’s record heat is prima facie evidence of Pakistani weather warfare.

That led to this Twitter reflection:

Yup, WTF!!!

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