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Web Security Has It Right: Naughty Legislature make BP Act Now!

July 8th, 2010 · No Comments

Sometimes you just have to wonder ….

An acquaintance captured the screen shot above as to the combination of web security (question being asked: human or computer?) and advertising.

Considering the influence of petro-dollars (and other fossil-foolish interests) on the US political system, this is an incredibly apt message combination.

NOTE:  Advertisement on the right from Repower America (on Facebook, Repower America demands the truth from BP).

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Seeking tools to express outrage and a call for justice: “Prosecute BP”

To look at images of the oil sheen across the Gulf, oil covered wildlife, the gushing oil from the damaged well, the faces of devastated residents along the coast should overwhelm all of us emotionally.  Words fail even as those images overwhelm. In the face of this catastrophic damage, we seek the paths to express our outrage. There are the online actions from satiric videos to Twittering your apology to BP to blogging frustration / information / solutions to  contests to redo BP’s signs, there are protests from Raging Grannies to Hands Across the Sands (action item 26 June), and …

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BP…lie lie ieesss

Yah so what, some birds die

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HA HA, an oil rig sank.

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BP calls for a gas tax!

To move Beyond Petroleum, it is time to sign up to pricing oil for the damage that it causes because poisoning the air that our children breath shouldn’t be considered an ‘externality’, poisoning the seas where our food comes from isn’t an “externality” to my life, and sending funds to those funding some of the most radical fundamentalist religious education (that encourages violence against modernity) isn’t an externality — we need to sign up to pricing our costs. And, well, if we use the raised resources correctly, we will set ourselves on a path for a 21st century American revival to something better than the nation has every seen. Truly, a sensibly structured gas tax is a tool to help U.S. achieve “a more perfect union


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