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Raging Grannies rage against BP …

June 5th, 2010 · 1 Comment

Raging Grannies can create attention to issues through the unexpected image of a ‘friendly granny’ screaming “you suck”. The video that follows rewrites the Battle Hymn of the Republic to express

The video starts off with an identification of the real challenge: “America is addicted to oil.” Understandably — but mistakenly — the outrage turns to “Halliburton and BP, you suck!” It is hard to disagree with the specific sentiment about how they “profit from their crimes” and the disaster that BP (and associated businesses) have created. The technical arrogance and potential criminal negligence at Deepwater Horizon might be the proximate cause of the oil disaster, but the underlying cause isn’t the specific Corporation(s) but our addiction to oil. While we need to deal with the proximate cause and take the steps for ‘safer’ drilling, we need to reduce the need for drilling via

Note that such videos can gain traditional media attention:

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