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A challenge of Olympic proportions …

July 26th, 2012 · Comments Off on A challenge of Olympic proportions …

The opening ceremony is hours away and sporting events have begun for the 2012 summer Olympics in London. Besides a life-long joy at exposure to new sport, great sports feats, and the basic global harmony concept of the Olympic games, the London games caught my attention for the organizers’ plans to make it totally green. […]

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Does BP stand for Begging for Pennies?

August 23rd, 2010 · Comments Off on Does BP stand for Begging for Pennies?

Few people earn a living (or even make money) running a blog site — especially not one that focuses on issues of substance.  People do it for passion, love, ego, boredom, concern for public service … any number of reasons. And, in almost all cases, doing this costs money from indirect (opportunity costs) to direct […]

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A Giant step behind Wal-Mart

August 1st, 2010 · 1 Comment

When I hop onto my bike early in the morning because we’re out of coffee or need some bread, a Giant Food grocery store is the closest option. The store recently went through a renovation and is amid a “grand opening”. Wandering through this store, however, makes this author’s head spin contrasting the store’s realities […]

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The Darker Side of Lexus’ “Darker Side of Green”?

July 30th, 2010 · 2 Comments

Under the title The Darker Side of Green, Lexus (e.g., Toyota) has chosen to host a series of “debates” on climate change as part of its roll-out of hybrid Lexus CT200h. These events are hosted by a celebrity, with an environmentalist journalist and prominent skeptic ‘debating’ climate-change issues. To debate or not to debate: that […]

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Dr Seuss: Turning over in his grave …

January 25th, 2010 · 2 Comments

There are few people more beloved by generations of America’s parents and America’s youth than Dr Seuss, the (One indicator: search Dr Seuss and there are only 3.6 million web hits.) Theodor Seuss Geisel (Dr Seuss) had a real passion on the environment. From the bio at, On a broader spectrum, however, Ted was […]

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Earth (Day) Science: Climate and the energy budget

April 23rd, 2009 · Comments Off on Earth (Day) Science: Climate and the energy budget

This guest post from alefnot is a useful look at the climate change science. The EPA recently announced that greenhouse gases pose a threat to health and welfare through their role in climate change. Climate change is a complex, nebulous thing that we seem to find difficult to attribute to anything tangible. So what is […]

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The Big Green Tent

August 24th, 2008 · 7 Comments

In the coming days, for those not actively on the Democratic National Convention (DNC) floor, The Big Tent will be one of (if not the) places to be. And, much of the Tent will be colored Green. Much of The Big Tent’s agenda will focus on Green initiatives, energy efficiency, and Global Warming. Looking at […]

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McCain campaign strategy working: media reporting “no difference” re Global Warming

August 14th, 2008 · Comments Off on McCain campaign strategy working: media reporting “no difference” re Global Warming

A critical Republican campaign strategy is working when it comes to framing for the November election. Despite actual facts, media reporting increasingly reports that there is no difference of import between John McSame McCain and Barack Obama when it comes to the arenas of energy and Global Warming. Take David Kesterbaum’s NPR report this morning […]

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Exxon headed to the Dugout?

June 23rd, 2008 · Comments Off on Exxon headed to the Dugout?

Until late last week, Exxon-Mobil was the sponsor of the seventh-inning stretch at the Washington Nationals’ stadium. The incongruity of a company that has poured $10s of millions into trying to undermine understanding of global warming having a prominent role in the greenest stadium in professional baseball sparked a movement to “Strike Out Exxon at […]

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Took me out to the ballgame …

June 21st, 2008 · 3 Comments

Last evening, amid gorgeous weather, a call to action sent me out to the ballgame. While the 14-inning game was great (GO NATS!), play on the field wasn’t the only action. The Strike Out Exxon campaign began yesterday. The Washington Nationals new stadium is the “greenest” baseball. And, who is one of their principle advertisers: […]

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