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Portfolio Theory vs the Myth of Intermittent Wind Power

February 24th, 2014 · Comments Off on Portfolio Theory vs the Myth of Intermittent Wind Power

Another guest post from the very thoughtful BruceMcF. Several points: Key:  If viewed as “portfolio” (and combined with advancing smart grid and storage options as penetration increases), clean energy can phase into replace 100% of the fossil-foolish electricity grid. Second, BruceMcF violates the cardinal law of debunking myths (here):   Don’t lead with the myth because, […]

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Does the editor of Science understand ‘the Dismal Science’?

February 23rd, 2014 · 4 Comments

Reading the latest editorial by Marcia McNutt, the editor of Science magazine, makes one wonder: Does she understand and have any respect for ‘the Dismal Science‘?  Very simply, McNutt failed to demonstrate basic knowledge about economics (that ‘dismal science’) and failed to consider basic business calculations (and ignored many other reasons why Keystone XL is […]

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Steer-ing the climate conversation to sanity re economic analysis

February 21st, 2014 · 1 Comment

Monday evening, the PBS’ Newshour hosted a segment on climate change issues building on Secretary of State John Kerry’s strong comments over the weekend equating climate change with weapons of mass destruction. The science of climate change is leaping out at us like a scene from a 3-D movie. … Terrorism, epidemics, poverty, the proliferation […]

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Green Schools to Improve Educational Performance … and save money … and …

September 2nd, 2013 · Comments Off on Green Schools to Improve Educational Performance … and save money … and …

To America’s School Boards, What if I could you offer you a reliable path to … Improve Educational Results Improve Student, Teacher, and Staff morale Improve Student, Teacher, and Staff health Create Jobs in the Local Economy Improve Economic Performance in the near-, mid-, and long-term Save money … Intrigued? You should be. And, the […]

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Reclaiming Growth

January 12th, 2013 · 1 Comment

This guest post comes from James Wells. When you think of “?growth”,? what comes to mind? Progress? Improvement? Prosperity? Is the concept of growth a pleasing one?For many people, it is all those things. But this pleasing image might pose a very serious problem, a mental and emotional obstacle to even considering whether traditional economic […]

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Master Meters: Who pays? And, why pay?

June 1st, 2012 · Comments Off on Master Meters: Who pays? And, why pay?

Guest Blogger J. Siegel has been doing a series of pieces on this blog (list below … latest here) on her work within her own master-metered condominium and, beyond that, on working to develop a community of master-metered communities to share lessons and seek leverage for energy efficiency and renewable energy programs to help them […]

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Regulatory Red Herrings: Twists and Turns in Job Impacts

April 3rd, 2012 · Comments Off on Regulatory Red Herrings: Twists and Turns in Job Impacts

We’ve seen this clearly with Keystone XL pipeline. Proponents are letting us (all of U.S.) know that it will create 6500 … or 25,000 … or 100,000 … or over 1,000,000 jobs. In some ways, ‘just believe me’ type claims. The only independent analysis, to date, suggests that Keystone XL pipeline construction — even without […]

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WashPost Truthiness-laden Campaign Against EVs Continues

March 6th, 2012 · 2 Comments

The Washington Post editorial board has waged a campaign against electrification of the nation’s transportation system (especially cars), often using true facts in a fashion that creates untruthful truthiness. Today’s Charles Lane OPED celebrating a temporary closure of the Chevy Volt line provides multiple examples of truthiness-laden editoralizing. Here are just a few examples of […]

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OIRA: White House’s Open Door to Lobbyists to Gut EPA Regs+

November 30th, 2011 · 1 Comment

This guest post comes from a scientist who finds himself to be a Fish Out of Water. Industry lobbyists have unlimited access to the White House to gut health, safety and environmental regulations proposed by the EPA and other regulatory agencies. A secretive, little known part of the White House’s Office of Management and Budget, […]

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More on my master metered condo

November 9th, 2011 · 2 Comments

The 2012 operating budget for our 16- story master-metered condo with 230 units is $1,448,226. The budget anticipates an estimated savings of $27,400 in utility costs for the coming and future years as a result of various energy saving measures being made in the building’s HVAC and electrical systems.    The savings enable the board […]

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