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When it comes to boxed vs bottled water, choose the tap …

May 19th, 2017 · No Comments

Internet advertising … any who goes into those internet tubes encounters (far too much of) it.  Most of the time, it just slips past us though there are those items that jump to the attention. Yes, I — like 100s of millions of others — have bought things due to such advertising. (Wow, advertising works […]

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Adding more GHG layers topping 408ppm when we should be stripping down to 350ppm & below

January 28th, 2017 · Comments Off on Adding more GHG layers topping 408ppm when we should be stripping down to 350ppm & below

As Donald Trump continues to drive news cycles with #AlternativeFacts and installs perhaps the most anti-#science government that modern human history has seen in a major government (and this comment re ‘perhaps’ is that jury is out in comparison with Stalin’s Soviet Union and Hitler’s Nazi Germany: both of which had serious anti-science elements (lunacies) […]

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Electric White Zombie Datsun Blows Corvette Away …

March 21st, 2012 · Comments Off on Electric White Zombie Datsun Blows Corvette Away …

Put a 1970s Datsun against a Corvette or a “pretty-quick BMW” on a speedway and what would you expect the result to be? That’s right. The electric car, an electric conversion of a 1972 Datsun, blows away fossil foolish competitor after fossil fool. The White Zombie is the “the first street legal electric car to […]

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“If you can’t plug your car in …”

March 19th, 2012 · 2 Comments

This public service video — from an actual Chevy owner (as you’ll see by the production quality) and Plug-In America — speaks to many of the values and value streams that actual people look to when it comes to the return-on-investment from buying an electric vehicle (PHEV or EV).  Quiet enough to listen to birds […]

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Breaking Heartless-news for Valentine’s Day: “Dissuading teachers from teaching science …”

February 15th, 2012 · 20 Comments

An anonymous leaker sent a number of climate-science related bloggers/blog sites a trove of internal documents from libertarian Heartland Institute. While the material points to many nefarious Heartland Institute efforts, such as supporting undermining of Wisconsin’s public education, the most extensive material is about Heartland’s heartless efforts to foster disinformation about climate science, to undermine […]

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A window for thinking about “the” military and climate change … and the importance of careful discussions

December 6th, 2011 · 3 Comments

Too often, people point to statements and actions by civilian leadership to state “the military” thinks this or that about energy and climate issues. While  the Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) spoke of climate change as a national security issue,  the QDR is always a highly political document driven by civilian (political appointee) leadership even with […]

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Pay-To-Play Pothole Mitigation?

September 19th, 2011 · 3 Comments

Audi, in marketing a car that only the top few percent of Americans can afford, has focused on the mediocre situation of the nation’s infrastructure.

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The Value of Zero

April 18th, 2011 · Comments Off on The Value of Zero

What is the value of zero? Is it nothing? Imagine zero dependency on foreign oil. Zero polllutants in our environment. Zero depletion of the ozone. Suddenly zero starts adding up … Zero is worth worth more than nothing. Zero is worth everything. Nissan’s Leaf advertising is capturing a vision of a different path forward that […]

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“I get naked for Clean Air.”

October 28th, 2010 · Comments Off on “I get naked for Clean Air.”

One of the most cost-effective paths toward expanding voter participation: vote by mail. This allows voters to “get naked” to participate in our democratic process. The expense and challenges associated with running elections are well known. While there is something, truly, fundamentally satisfying for many of us in our public execution of a civic responsibility […]

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Yo. Valley. … Rapping our way to sustainable farming

October 21st, 2010 · Comments Off on Yo. Valley. … Rapping our way to sustainable farming

Well, actually, a bit of a typo in the title. We’re actually talking Yeo Valley, a UK organic products farm/ firm in Somerset, England. We believe living sustainably is just common sense: we look after the land and our animals and, in return, they look after us. We think better grass and conditions makes better-fed, […]

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