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#Climate activists occupy @HouseGOP offices re #TaxBill

December 4th, 2017 · No Comments

The GOP Tax Plan (or “Deficit Augmentation to Enrich Super Rich (DATES Rich) Act) is horrid on so many grounds — from devastating graduate education, to massively increasing economic inequality, to setting the path for destruction of Social Security and Medicare, to … well, the list of horrors would take many pages of scribbling on the margins (as the bill was written). Amid the horror — worsening even further climate devastation and climate risks through additional subsidies to fossil fuels, opening up the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to drilling, to …

With this in mind — recognizing both the reality of the challenge and the additional devastation that the #GOPTaxScam would cause the climate — the activist Sunrise Movement (which has done some great actions, such as during the climate talks in Germany) put together a team and are occupying House offices this morning.

The following is from the office of Congressman Curbelo.

Who is Sunrise targeting this morning? GOP members who

  • are members of the Climate Solutions Caucus
  • voted for the Tax Bill on the first round and, especially,
  • sign a letter to the Senate calling on protection of ANWR from drilling.

BREAKING: Young people demand House Republicans vote against #GOPTaxScam for the 1% and fossil fuel billionaires.

Call your representative: 877-796-1948

Sign the petition to Republicans who say they care about climate change but might vote for this




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