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The power of STEM engagement can bring a smile to your face

October 4th, 2017 · No Comments

As a rare diversion from ‘energy’ focus, here is a story that should bring a smile to anyone concerned about science, science education (STEM), empowering women in science, entomology, how social-networking is changing the world, and, well, good human-interest stories.  In other words, well, likely most of us.

Short and sweet:

  • an 8-year old girl and PhD student just published together.
  • The 8-year old was impassioned by bugs — studying insects — but faced peer teasing/attacks for that passion.
  • Her mother reached out: is there entymologist willing to speak with my daughter.
  • That appeal went (sort of) viral and many scientists reached out to engage with her — enthusiastic about the chance to foster youth interest in and engagement with science.
  • That engagement reinvigorated the girl’s passion for studying bugs.
  • Gave power to the hashtag #Bugs4Girls.
  • And, an 8-year old girl and PhD student just published together about the power of social media and youth science engagement.
 If you only have a moment, photo at this tweet as symbol of the power of youth engagement/science promotion is, well, priceless: 

Thread for above tweet starts:


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