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#Climate catastrophes striking “From sea to shining sea …”

September 4th, 2017 · 6 Comments

“From sea to shining sea …” America the Beautiful tugs at the hearts of all patriots …

At this time, America the Beautiful is facing a painful reality of being flooded, scorched, and threatened from ‘sea to shining sea’ by climate catastrophes.

Something that all these events share … climate signals, signs (with scientific basis) that human-driven climate change is exacerbating the situation.

Climate catastrophes are happening not just From Sea to Shining Sea but across all the seas — massive flooding in South Asia (with thousands dead and millions displaced), mudslides in West Africa, drought in Italy and massive fires in Portugal, record low-levels of Arctic ice, melting Greenland, …

All too often, commentators will argue that “we must act now to avoid catastrophe …”  Looking at flooded Houston and burning Los Angeles, it is far past time to face reality: we are already in catastrophe and feeling catastrophic impacts. (Consider what you might have thought would be ‘catastrophe’ in terms of climate impacts decades ago ..) Across the globe, human-driven climate change (AGW) is exacerbating, accelerating, worsening, amplifying weather events to make hard situations into horrible. And, the situation will get worse — no matter what — due to latent impacts (the time delay) from the pollution we’ve already pumped into the atmosphere.

What we — humanity — does have is a choice to act to reduce just how catastrophic those events and the future situation(s) will be, to reduce the risks of total calamity for human society.

Even as the occupant of the Oval Office declares climate change a “Chinese Hoax” and fills the US government with climate science deniers, reality is reality …

As to reality

While it is far past time to #ActOnClimate,

It is time to #ActOnClimate.



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  • 2 Ted Glick // Sep 5, 2017 at 1:19 pm

    It’s like the earth is hitting back at Trump and his minions and all climate deniers all over the world right now. Rev Yearwood once said, “Man hurts earth, earth strikes back.” My son in Montana told me yesterday about how there’ve been fires there for weeks. And right now a very close friend in Vieques, PR is about to get hit very hard by Hurricane Irma. It really is a new Eaarth, as Bill M. wrote about several years ago.

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