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Nine Holes in Trump’s Paris Withdrawal

June 1st, 2017 · No Comments

Donald Trump has made the reckless announcement to turn the tide backwards, toward higher pollution options and away from great economic opportunities.

As is well known, when he goes out to golf, Trump brazenly gets away with cheating his way through a course. In seeking to communicate in language and images that Trump might understand, here is how nine swings and misses in Trump’s Paris decision.

Is this language Trump can understand?

  1. Clean energy is the future and coal can’t compete financially …
  2. The 33% figure for US electricity from coal will only, over time, inexorably go down.
  3. Clean energy jobs are skyrocketing in the United States — just the growth in wind jobs over the past few years are greater than the total number of coal mining jobs. This announcement won’t change this.
  4. Paris Accord ‘obligations’ are voluntary — not the claimed onerous obligations — and leaving Paris abandons the US seat at the table for, well, no reason.
  5. America business — even Exxon Mobil — urged Trump to stay. … Hmmm??
  6. Paris Accords spark $23T (yes, Trillion) in investments.  Hmmm … does the US really wan to sit on the side with all that investment?

With this action, Donald Trump is working to MCGA (Make China Great Again), to make certain that the 21st century sees the end of American global leadership and the start to the Chinese century.


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