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Townhalls getting hot for @GOP Politicians

May 11th, 2017 · No Comments

Around the country, GOP politicians are facing a dilemma when it comes to dealing with constituents:

  • Do they have the courage to face the music from well-informed, articulate, and angry constituents?
  • Or, like Barbara Comstock in Virginia’s 10th district, do they duck and cover — avoiding any open town hall meeting where ‘uncomfortable’ questions might be asked?

The ‘duck and cover’ is rather popular, as the citizenry is enraged.  Whether Trump’s corruption, the despicable approach to refugees and immigrants, Trump Care, #TrumpRussia, and/or … issue after issue is motivating ever more Americans toward outrage at the GOP’s outrageous malfeasance as exemplified by Donald Trump.  Trump’s firing of FBI Director Comey is likely to lower further Trump and the GOP’s approval rating and make town halls even more toxic for Republican politicians.

After close to no mention of (and no moderator of presidential debate questions about) climate change, it might surprise some that one of the most heated issue areas across the country, when town halls occur, relates to science and climate change.

Arizona’s Randy Biggs just suffered the Chaffetz treatment.  When Biggs doubled down on his climate-science denial, his constituents made it clear their disdain for a Congressman showing less understanding of science than what might be expected from a middle-school student.

The following video provides a snapshot of how climate change discussions are playing out in Republican townhalls across the country, with a very eloquent articulation of the issue at hand by the videographer, Peter Sinclair, as its conclusion.


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