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“Reuse”: Making #climate statement at #WomensMarch

January 22nd, 2017 · No Comments

In its opening minutes, the Trump White House website went up.

The White House Effect: Science Denial Propaganda (“Fake News”) from @TeamTrump/@RealDonaldTrump

Should it surprise any that truth was one of the victims in this transfer from President Barack Obama to Team Trump?

As part of that, science — in particular, climate science?

Along with nearly 1,000,000 of my fellow citizens, I spent 21 January 2017 in democratic engagement on the streets of Washington, DC, at the Women’s March.  Along with so many other Americans, hard to count the reasons for dedicating myself ‘to the streets’ for the first day of the Trump Regime and the first full day of #TheResistance to this illegitimate President.

I took the opportunity, along with so many others and even as I wore a pink Planned Parenthood hat, to make my statement (no surprise from me) focus on climate change and climate science.

Thus, to the right is the shirt from yesterday.

  • The back emphasizes the science denial and propaganda (#FakeNews) that

    Climate Science reality: The Greenhouse Effect

    we already see and expect to see from the Trump Administration. They are dominated by Fossil Fools and seek to take the nation backwards toward a more polluting and less economically valuable fossil fuel past.

  • The front points to reality: the climate is changing, humanity is driving this change, and this is creating serious — and ever-mounting-risks.  Climate chaos isn’t interested in the Fake News — alt-right (neo-Nazi) ‘alt-reality’ in social media doesn’t negate science.

Many people commented positively on the shirt through the day — more than a few pictures taken.

And, in response to comments & photo taking, an explanation:

  • Three Rs critical: reduce, reuse, and recycle.
  • This shirt exemplifies all three:
    • Reduce: this shirt has been around awhile, been worn quite a bit, and (perhaps) contributed to a few fewer shirt purchases.
    • Reuse: been used at more than a few rallies and protests.
    • Recycle: recycling from Administrations, as this shirt has now been used for rallies of four Presidents.
  • As to that last, this shirt is now more than 25 years old and something produced by the Union of Concerned Scientists for Earth Day 1990 — as part of pressure on the George H.W. Bush Administration to engage honestly with the mounting scientific evidence of the seriousness of Global Warming and the necessity for government action to mitigate those risks.

Lots of moments yesterday.  One of my favorite moments came late in the afternoon.  A group of us gave a group of DC Metro police pink caps right by the White House. These officers (perhaps 10-15) put them on with smiles, put the female officer on their shoulders and multiple of them said things like ‘we’re with you’.

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