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#BeforeTheFlood: Powerful @LeoDiCaprio #Climate travelogue truly must watch, must absorb

October 31st, 2016 · No Comments

My Energy/Climate Bookshelf is far more than a shelf, it is bookshelves.  Add in the 10,000s of papers, studies, blog posts, and my exposure in this arena is, well, easy the equivalent of a small library.  When I sit down to watch something on energy, on climate, I therefore sit down jaded … is this REALLY worth my time and energy.  I watch shows with the equivalent of a red pen used for grading a paper or colorful editing of a draft report.  Not always the easiest or friendliest of audiences.

As I started watching the just released Before the Flood, I didn’t expect much and thus expectations weren’t hard to exceed … Forget exceeding those low expectations, it really is powerful.  From the powerful images of the raging waters in Greenland to tar sands to interviews with Miami’s mayor and thoughtful (under siege) climate scientist Michael Mann, my attention is captured.

The power of a ‘travel documentary’, putting images, sound, emotion, and substance together — creating a new engagement with and way of thinking about material that (sigh, sadly) I might already have well known ‘intellectually’ but still haven’t fully absorbed.

Highly recommended … take the time to watch the film … Before The Flood is available to watch free on youtube … at least for a limited time.  Watch it and share with others.

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