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China can …

September 8th, 2016 · No Comments

The Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) just released a China version of Reinventing Fire.  This study and planning outline lays out how the PRC can foster a prosperous, climate-friendly society — reliant solely on already existing, cost-effective technologies and options. (E.g., the economic equation should only get better, over time, with innovation (whether technological, fiscal, policy, social, or otherwise …)

China can reduce its carbon emissions by 42 percent below 2010 levels by 2050 and grow its economy 600 percent while saving a net $3.1 trillion over the investments required

There is much there to consider and absorb … and, hopefully, that the Chinese will implement (as, well, the US could do far worse than following Reinventing Fire‘s prescriptions).

Notable — and worth mentioning — even before future diving into the substance is the ‘positive’ framing.  This, simply, is about “China can …”  Here is the study summarized in five points;

  1. China can peak its carbon dioxide emissions by 2025
  2. China can decouple its economic growth from intense energy use
  3. China can significantly increase use of non-fossil energy
  4. China can dramatically reduce its coal consumption
  5. China’s can transition to low-carbon development with significant economic benefits.+

When it comes to moving to #ActOnClimate while improving its economy, the simple truth is “Yes, China Can …”

+ Note: The fifth item in the RMI release: “China’s transition to low-carbon development is a net benefit to the economy”.

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