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How should a Climate Hawk vote?

March 6th, 2016 · 1 Comment

A Climate Hawk is a person who understands that climate change is a threat to our safety and security. Climate Hawks favor taking aggressive action to neutralize the threat. Many Climate Hawks are environmentalists, but one does not need to be an environmentalist to be a Climate Hawk.

The Climate Hawk destroyed the climate appeaser in its mighty talons.
Perhaps the most important single action for any Climate Hawk comes in the ballot box, helping put into office leaders who will choose to act ‘to neutralize the threat’ and to keep out of office those who deny it.
Regretfully, considering the magnitude and urgency of the threat, far too few of us have climate on the top of the pile for voting selection. Even among those who understand the magnitude of threat, climate is often an ‘also-ran’ — if ‘their’ candidate is good on other issues then, well, they will be ‘good’ on climate too.
The political action group Climate Hawks Vote is working to change this equation: to help boost the fortunes of Climate Hawk politicians and help politicians understand that being smart about climate (policy) is also smart politics.
As part of this, they just opened The Climate Primary ballot box (open through 8 March).  A very simple question:
Which candidate for President of the United States do you believe is the strongest climate leader?
Regretfully, in recognition of the fossil-foolish anti-science dominating one party, there are only three choices on the ballot: Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and No Endorsement.
It might seem — to you — that this is an easy and clear choice. If you’re there and aren’t interested in thinking more, go and cast your climate ballot.
If not … well, the next post will discuss ‘surrogates’ as a path toward thinking about Senator Sanders and Secretary Clinton and climate policy in ‘their’ Administration.
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