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It is past time for #election2016 to address #climate & environmental justice. Let’s start to change this in Flint.

March 2nd, 2016 · No Comments

The two Democratic candidates are going to Flint, Michigan, for a debate. Sparked by the horrific lead poisoning of (far, far) too many under Republican Governor Rich Snyder’s ‘watch’, this debate is expected to focus on challenges for urban minorities. A growing chorus is emerging advocating that the focus truly revolve around the core issue here: environmental justice.

As per the following, I’ve joined the choir.

Simply put, you should add your voice too.

These are fundamental issues.

Fundamental issues that are not enough of the public dialogue nor enough of the Presidential election discussion.

Rather than pontificating finger sizes and hair styles, our national discourse (and Presidential campaign / debates) should engage robustly in discussing problems of and paths to address environmental justice and climate change.

UPDATE: Petition delivered to DNC:


From the call on the DNC & CNN:

in Flint, it is no coincidence that frontline communities targeted for pollution are also home to income inequality, elevated unemployment levels, reduced educational opportunities, mass incarceration, and police brutality.

Low-wealth communities and communities of color have been subjected to these injustices for too long and have never been offered a comprehensive national solution


all voters deserve to hear their plan to address racial, environmental, and climate justice. … No more eco-tourists passing out bottled water for a day – we demand a real debate on the problems of racial justice, environmental racism, and the solutions of climate justice. It’s time for a national discussion on these issues, and there is no better place to have it right now than Flint, Michigan.

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