The flat-earthers were not amused by the suggestion that they take fiscal responsibility for the damage that they are creating. Here is a sample of their righteous indignation:

Climate change is a plot to transfer money

Nonsense. OstrichThe system is only held together with bubble gum and duct tape because it’s not profitable to properly maintain. Climate change is just a convenient excuse for the utility monopolies to raise rates and finally upgrade the system that they chose to neglect for years, when they should have been addressing it all along. Jeanne, they are peeing on your leg and telling you it’s raining. And you believe them. Don’t be so gullible.

Climate change is not occurring and it is certainly not due to human activity

This editorial is pure hyperbole and speculation! I especially enjoyed the laugh from the sentence about “flat earthers” and the last sentence about storms severity “setting records”. I must ask, what records are set? The burden of proof is with those making allegations that man is responsible for the minimal increase in temperature we have experienced over the last 2 decades and there are no scientific observations that prove such!

People who accept the scientific evidence are poopy-heads

Yes, please send the bill to the “flat-earthers” along with any evidence that man’s use of fossil fuel has any effect on the weather. That way you’ll be forced to admit that such conclusions are based purely on speculation and we can put this manbearpig nonsense to bed once and for all!

It’s Al Gore’s fault

The global warming crowd shrugged it off when Al Gore warned the world the seas were rising and then bought a $9 miilion dollar ocean front home in California. They ignored the fact Gore flew to his beach house in a private jet and was driven from the airport in a stretch limo. Now he’s sold his radio station to the country of Qatar whose entire ecomony is based on drilling for crude oil and selling it world wide for $100 million dollars. He sold out his entire movement and all his followers. And yet they call us who easily saw through Gore’s charade and the emails from the very same scientists they taut admitting they fudged and eliminated data that refuted their desired hypothisis “flat earthers”. Perhaps they should be referred to as ‘flat headers”.

 photo CO2_Emissions_Levels_Knorr_zps75795057.gifSilly Scientists. What could they be thinking?

Or another way, want to believe flat-earthers or scientists?