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If your fuel isn’t dirty enough 4U, this hotline is 4U.

November 20th, 2012 · No Comments

Ever had late night urges that your fuel simply isn’t dirty enough to penetrate into your darkest corners? If so, Canada has the fuel for you. And, recognizing the lure of dirty energy, there is now a number to call: the Tar Sands hotline.

Did you know that unextracted tar sands, just like unmarried single women, have an expiry date? According to noted gender studies expert Chen Weidong of CNOOC, the China National Offshore Oil Corporation, that’s exactly the fate we can expect for Alberta’s crude if we leave it undrilled and in the ground. An empty purposeless existence.

If you love the Tar Sands and don’t want to see them left behind, watch this video.

After all, unextracted tar sands oil is “like an unmarried woman”, don’t leave it in the ground with bountiful wildlife like an old maid collects cats.

Truthfully, let’s do the math and stop KXL.

This video comes from Deep Rogue Ram which has brought us, for example, Weather Girl.

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