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Most prophetic magazine cover ever? Cassandra = Sandy …?

October 31st, 2012 · No Comments

To the right is the Utne November-December 2012 issue cover (drawn and released prior to Hurricane Sandy).

The cover refers to the “Confronting Climate Change” section with the following articles:

Time to Get Crazy
We might be doomed by climate change, but we should fight anyway by Chris Hedges, from TruthDig

This Crisis Needs A Movement
Using people power to combat the new climate change by Bill McKibben, from Solutions Journal

The Power of Nature
A vision of the future where we live as one with the earth by Gitte Larsen, Søren Steen Olsen, and Steen Svendsen, from ISSUES

Gardening Beyond Reason
The simple act of getting your hands dirty by Darren Fleet, from Adbusters
Online Only: The Man-Made World of 2112
Realizing our collective and technological potential by Søren Steen Olsen and Steen Scendsen, from ISSUES

Looking at this cover, was (is) Utne magazine the latest Cassandra — an ignored voice providing warnings (accurate warnings) above devastation and disaster to come.  And, was Hurricane Sandy (the diminutive of Cassandra) the near real-time epitomization of the disasters to come that Cassandra Utne was/is warning all of us about?

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