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Green Festival DC … interesting/valuable few hours

September 30th, 2012 · No Comments

While I plan to return to this, for a more substantive discussion when I have time, I spent several hours at the Green Festival, DC, yesterday and found this worthwhile.

At the DC Convention Center, today is the second/last day and I would recommend this to others.

Among (many) interesting, surprising, enjoyable items:

  • Electric / otherwise bikes:  There are a number of interesting electric bikes companies and concepts there. How about, for example, a ‘cargo’/food service electric bike that has a solar panel on top of its cargo space.  Think about this … a trickle recharging of the electric assist for the bike even as your are pedaling.  And, an electric assist bike that has the ability to pull something like 700 lbs of cargo.  Hmmm … how about moving a couch with that electric assist bike?
  • Fair trade cloth frisbees:  As a (sigh, former) fanatic ultimate frisbee player, frisbees can catch my eye.  The only purchase at the Green Festival: a fair trade cotton frisbee weaved in Guatemala.  Foldable for taking along with the kids to a park to throw around with friends and I won’t wince when it hits the pavement (the edges won’t get scratched).
  • A hand-held device to measure the contaminants in clothing products.  Found that the ACCO ‘giveaway’ business card holder made from recycled products was well within the safe lead limits and that the lead that registered likely came mainly from the printed on logo and not the product itself.
  • Ford: Ford is a major sponsor of the Green Festival, with handling the waste (recycling, compost, and (minimal) landfill).  They are there gunning for Toyota and, well, as a Toyota (Prius) owner, they do a pretty convincing case.  The floor display is strong, highlighting how they are using bio-based products increasingly in their cars (seats and otherwise), with a salsa to taste made solely from ingredients used for the car.  Yumm … Test drove two cars and, well, my kids (who, for their age, are pretty knowledgeable efficient car consumers) were enthusiastic about both of them.

I need to run to do some family things … but recommend, highly, going to Green Festival, DC, today if you are in the DC area.

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