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Another Romney Olympic Moment: Climate Zombie Dream Team

August 11th, 2012 · No Comments

Mitt Romney made waves when he crossed the pond to the United Kingdom prior to the Olympics. It is hard to imagine that a prominent American would embarrass the United States with our key ally as it entered to a prominent world event with so many casual insults and errors. One could say that Romney exceeded expectations with his words and actions with the opening of the Olympics — exceeded by one of the worst foreign policy trips ever by a major American political figure.

As the Olympics head into their closing, Mitt Romney has now exceeded expectations by putting together an anti-science denial dream team fulfilling Koch Brother wishes while spitting in the face of a significant primary supporter who had confidence that Mitt would ‘do the right thing’ on climate issues.

Well, for Mitt Romney, doing ‘the right thing’ is to nominate conspiracy-theorist, global-warming denying Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential candidate.

A favorite of the Koch brothers, Ryan has accused scientists of engaging in conspiracy to “intentionally mislead the public on the issue of climate change.” He has implied that snow invalidates global warming.

Of course, perhaps Ryan needs to be reminded, as his home state Wisconsin’s corn crop is damaged by climate chaos-induced drought, that winter happens.

And, as another key player of that coed climate-zombie dream team, there is Romney spokesperson Andrea Saul. As Michael Mann put it,

Andrea Saul and the others at DCI Group who carried out this attack on climate scientists and their work helped to delay any serious actions to combat climate change and its impacts, at great cost to society.

These people — Romney, Ryan, and Saul — have already created “great cost to society”. Putting them in the White House would move us from “great cost” to total disaster.

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