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The White House Asks: What should be in the State of the Union address?

January 6th, 2012 · 1 Comment

The official White House tweeter has asked a pretty good question:

Hi Everyone – I’d love to hear your thoughts on what the President should say in the State of the Union speech later this month

The responses are pounding in fast and furious.

My two thoughts:

SOTU should have full-throated endorsement of #cleanenergyjobs #Vote4Enegy #Energy2012 #green @joncarson44

We can put millions back to work, strengthen the economy, and (at least over a 10-year period and probably sooner) strongly improve the budget situation while improving U.S. national security and reducing climate chaos risks.

While we all ‘know’ that the R House will do nothing on this agenda and the pseudo-D Senate little more, this are the right things to be doing and the President should put some truth before the American public.

With warm weather records breaking across the upper Midwest, President needs to talk about #climate science in #SOTU #green @joncarson44

The President has not taken the bully pulpit in a serious way to lay out climate science to the American people and the very real / serious threats it creates for the Union — already today and certainly into the future. The Republican Party is, well, simply at odds with science (and scientists know it). How at odds they are from reality will not be a serious part of the media conversation unless someone (hint, Mr President) makes it so. The President needs to speak truthfully and forcefully about climate to make the stark contrast between him (and the rest of the Democratic Party) and climate zombies clear for all to see.

What are your thoughts for what should be in the SOTU?

Here are some good ones that have gone into Carson:


@JonCarson44 Would love to hear plans to build on success w fuel standards & mercury rule to create clean & just energy future. Also, #noKXL

Friends of the Earth

@JonCarson44 — not talking about climate change in the #SOTU is another form of climate denial

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