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Coal for caroling or for the stocking …

December 20th, 2011 · No Comments

A few years ago, the coal industry decided to cheer up the
holiday season with some sacriligeous caroling. Let us remember that the Frosty the Snowman story ends in a way to tug at the hearts: melting away with a promise to come back some day. In consider their decision to link coal to Frosty the Snowman, amid many other Christmas carols, perhaps the coal industry was showing a short attention span as, after all, the burning of coal and coal’s contribution to global warming is shortening Frosty’s time horizon year-in/year-out.

 Perhaps the best one-line commentary on this coal caroling campaign came Kevin Grandia,

Nothing like mercury emissions, asthma attacks, and melting ice caps to get me in the holiday spirit.

Considering coal’s impact on human health, eco-systems, and contributions to global warming, the traditional concept of ‘lump of coal in the stocking’ does seem a far more appropriate association of coal with Christmas and any other celebratory season/event. 

And, some are having the chance to celebrate this way.  For example, Kentucky citizens have delivered lumps of coal to Governor Steve Beshear

Lexington teacher Martin Mudd dressed up as Santa Claus, and says he brought gifts for the governor.

“Santa brought the governor some lumps of coal and switches because he’s been a naughty boy in not doing everything that he can to protect the people of eastern Kentucky and our mountains and water.”

Sadly, there are too many politicians, business leaders, and media ‘elite’ who merit their lumps of coal … Hmmm, if the coal industry would recognize this fact, perhaps they might find a more profitable business opportunity than seeing their product go up in smoke and into our children’s lungs.

PS:  Reminded of coal caroling by Alexis Madrigal at The Atlantic.

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