This look at the job claims related to the Keystone XL pipeline is a guest post from the thoughtful Patriot News Daily Clearinghouse.

One big spin to promote the TransCanada XL tar sands pipeline is that it would create lots of jobs. So, there are headlines like this:

Approving Keystone XL Pipeline Would Create Jobs and Lower Gas Prices

A Pivot to Jobs? Start By Approving The Keystone Pipeline

Obama pressed to back Canada-Texas pipeline; Expansion would deliver oil, jobs

TransCanada and its right wing allies claim the pipeline will create 13,000 – 553,000 jobs. The State Department says only 5,000-6,000 jobs will be created over a 3-year construction period. The vast difference in job projections is because TransCanada and its allies rely upon small print qualifiers for their math. So much so, that TransCanada even included lawyerly disclaimers in a press release citing creation of 13,000 jobs.