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Scientific Findings… 2010

December 9th, 2010 · 1 Comment

This thoughtful comment reviewing the ‘great scientific findings of 2010’ from a Net Guy in CT reacting to Climate Zombie manifestations highlights the scientific illiteracy required to reject carbon dioxide’s relationship to global warming.

2010’s Scientific Findings

  1. It’s completely dark at the bottom of the ocean.
  1. X-rays actually work (like in the doctor’s office)
  1. Stealth aircraft are actually virtually invisible to radar.
  1. Microwaves heat food even if the plastic lid is on the container.
  1. you can see yourself in a mirror (although I’m not sure zombies do)
  1. Night vision goggles actually work.
  1. Infrared heat lamps actually keep hot dogs warm at the stadium or warm you in the hotel bathroom when you twist that light switch that sounds like a wind up toy.
  1. you can get real hot sitting in the summer sun.
  1. you can feel the heat of a campfire without actually touching a burning log.

All these wonderful scientific truths of 2010 can be completely explained by the science of absorption spectroscopy, the study of the interaction of electromagnetic radiation and matter. In other words, it explains how wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation are absorbed or reflected by various materials due to the size and composition of the material’s molecules.

Visible light, infrared (heat), x-ray, radar are all electromagnetic energy.

Unfortunately for the willfully ignorant, the real inconvenient truth is that:

  1. carbon dioxide absorbs infrared energy

Heat energy, that is….

It’s provable in a lab.

And if you look at the molecular spacing and the wavelength of infrared, well, you can predict it.

One question is: is there more of it in the atmosphere year after year…. And, remarkably, we can measure it!  (disclaimer: I never have seen a zombie with any kind of measuring device in any movie about them, nor sitting at a desk reading a lab instrument.)  .. and the answer is Yes!

Now are people responsible?

  • It’s one thing to emit carbon dioxide as a result of breathing. (Hmm..this makes me wonder if zombies breathe… I mean they make noises and grunt and groan alot)
  • And it’s another for livestock to emit CO2 and methane and all….
  • And it’s another to emit pounds of CO2 per mile transporting ourselves and our consumer products between points A and B by car, truck, container ship, etc…
  • And it’s another thing to emit untold pounds of CO2 burning coal to keep electrical lines energized while most of us sleep…
  • And it’s another thing to emit untold pounds of CO2 melting ores to make the metals that make the things we drive around.
  • etc. etc.

… but if we’re zombies, we can’t see ourselves in a mirror, can we? [EDITOR’S NOTE: Looks like NetGuyCT is confusing the basic characteristics of zombies and vampires, but we digress …]

It follows then, if we’re zombies, we can’t see that we eject ever-increasing amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere…

So what? There’s more CO2. It’s what plants crave… kinda like electrolytes (Brawndo anyone?)

Does more CO2 result in the trend of increasing global average temperatures?  Why, temperature data supports this idea!  Not that I would expect zombies to understand. They’re cold blooded, aren’t they?  So are snakes… and they have teeeny tiny little brains….  Therefore, zombies have little brains!

So, as climate scientists try to predict the impacts of rising annual global average temperatures by searching for evidence in geology and correlating it with known data sets of recent history, pea-brained zombies continually try to eat them.

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