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Act Blue for Climate Heroes fighting Climate Zombies

October 12th, 2010 · No Comments

One of the most striking — and most unreported — elements in the 2010 elections is the fundamental difference between the two parties candidates when it comes to science.

Quite simply, when it comes to the questions related to climate science, the vast majority of the Democratic Party candidates would rate a categorization of reasonable to extremely good (climate heroes). While, on the other side, the Republican Party has seen its candidates and Party’s message move from Climate Peacocks (acknowledging human impacts on climate change while inhibiting action) to Climate Zombies (rejecting and undermining science, ready to see massive damage to American wealth and security in the name of protecting their fossil-foolish donors).

Today, we have the good news that a Democratic candidate has chosen to highlight the difference — accurately calling out his opponent as a Climate Zombie.

Someone meriting our attention … and support … is Congressman David Wu (OR-1) who is far from unique in being a climate champion fighting against a Climate Zombie.

Now, Representative Wu’s campaign has just done something that, imo, truly deserves notice: they have embraced the Climate Zombie motif as a discriminator. Here is the email that I received:

From: Julia Louise Krahe

Sent: Tue, October 12, 2010 1:29:34 PM

Subject: NEWS: Republican Rob Cornilles is a Climate Zombie

Rob Cornilles, the Republican challenging David Wu in Oregon’s 1st Congressional District, has joined the growing list of far-right-wing candidates across the country who doubt, deny, or deride the science of climate change.

Dubbed “climate zombies” by [bloggers at] DailyKos, these out-of-touch Republicans ignore the sound and settled science on climate change to cater to right-wing extremists whose destructive views are dangerous to the health of our planet.

“Rob Cornilles has been paying lip service to the environmental concerns of Oregonians, while privately telling his right-wing friends that he doesn’t believe in man-made climate change,” says Julia Louise Krahe, Wu for Congress spokesperson. “Not only is he being dishonest with voters, but his dangerous views are clearly at odds with Oregonians’ deep commitment to protecting the environment and preserving our natural heritage. We can’t afford to send a climate zombie like Rob Cornilles to Congress.”

Congressman David Wu knows that we must take action now to address climate change and protect our environment. By helping make Oregon a national leader in clean, renewable energy, he is helping grow our economy and create local high-wage, private-sector jobs. During his time in Congress, David Wu has passed legislation to cut pollution, increase energy efficiency, reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign oil, and support innovative small businesses that are on the forefront of energy independence.

For those who wish to spend a painful few moments, here is Rob Cornilles publicly flaunting his anti-science syndrome characteristics.

Note that Cornilles plays a typical Republican candidate game — he states that there is “absolutely no proof”. While we might “prove” math theorems, we don’t “prove” Scientific Theories (as opposed to disproving them). In any event, Rob Cornilles quite clearly demonstrates why he merits the term: Climate Zombie.


Act Blue for Climate Heroes

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