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SOTU: “Clean Coal” plays poorly with progressive audience(s)

January 27th, 2010 · 4 Comments

The “dial” tracking of speeches can be fascinating to watch, seeing how people react in real time to the words, emotions, and themes of a speech or event.  Presidential debates and speeches, the “dial” tracking is an ever-more frequently part of the experience.

MoveOn chose to provide real-time web access to a membership ‘dial’.

The most negative numbers can when the President confused clean energy and the need for clean energy innovation with a focus on nuclear power and clean-coal.  This seems to be the only time in the speech where there was any real dip in audience approval.

Senator Kerry and others are calling for people to have passion, to go door-to-door to demand action.  Calls for “clean coal” and “biofuels” aren’t a path to stir the blood of those who actually have even an inkling of how serious the energy and climate situation actually is — and how great the opportunities we have before us.

As per a correspondent,

You can’t sell McCain’s energy policy to progressives and expect teabagger-like passion.

NOTE: For a discussion, see Micah Sifry, Doing Real-Time Mass Dial-Test of Obama SOTU.

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