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McExpertise and the ClimateGate manufactured crisis of confidence

December 6th, 2009 · 1 Comment

It’s under ten minutes … And, for any rational person, that ten minutes will shatter any chance of belief that there is a substantive basis for concern about climate science’s foundations due to ClimateGate (SwiftHack).

Several moments of particular skill in this takedown of McExperts making noise about ClimateGate

  • 7 minutes in there is the simple point, based on Rush Limbaugh rantings, of the irrationality of the climate denier community. Limbaugh is, with a straight face, arguing that it is somehow impossible to fake material in these 1000 or so emails while, at the same time, fervishly asserting that there is some form of global cabal of scientists who have worked together to fake data and manipulate analysis to represent something 180 degrees out from reality. At times, you really have to wonder about the Oxycontin …
  • 8 minutes in starts the conclusion. “Before you get too excited, too late for that, investigate … check it out …” This video explores just two, the most cited two, emails. The basic point, however, is that a few moments of checking context and what seems to be a smoking gun turns out to be anything but.

This comes from “Potholer54

The main purpose of this channel, for those who don’t know, is to explain in simple terms the conclusions of scientific research and correct some of the unsourced crap you get fed on the Internet.

An international criminal conspiracy?

Now, questions should be asked by Interpol. Is there an international criminal conspiracy at play here? There is the hacking of the CRU in the UK. Now, there are reports of efforts to access illegally Canadian climate research centers’ data systems.  Some good material on this: Impersonators attempt to access Canadian governmt Centre for Climate Modeling; Break-In, Thieves Target Another Top Climate Scientist; and Watergate Redux: Break-ins Reported At Another Top Climate Research Center.

Note: Hat tip to Demsmogblog for the video.

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