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“If our children knew the facts …” Demonstration

October 30th, 2009 · No Comments

If our children truly understand the hole that their grandparents and parents have been digging for them, what would they do?

Here, Moms Against Global Warming suggest that this would drive our children to a rage that would make adolescent rage look benign.

Now, this is a powerful video with a caveat.

It ends linking with a call to Take Action On Climate Change.COM. Now, perhaps you will realize that the site is “” or, perhaps, you will think (as I did at first) that “to take action” you should go to “Climate Change DOT com”. (If you wish to go there, well, type it in as I’m not adding to its links.) Interesting results when going there. THe site looks great as a shell but every link through goes to a page of sponsored links. Every time that I went to a link, the first one listed was either a denier/skeptic site or a fossil fuel corporation site. Hitting “what is climate change”, the first site was Shell, second Chevron, fourth natural gas group, seventh BP, tenth is Ford. “Information on global warming” provides a “sponsored link” to an outright denier (“Is There Global Warming DOT com”). Shell & Chevron were in that top ten as well.

Hat tip to Brian at Scholars & Rogues who balanced this video with that of models stripping for the climate.

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