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Barack’s Grandma Goes Solar

August 20th, 2009 · No Comments

As part of a 20-day “how to” workshop on solar power, Kenyan students installed solar panels the Senator Barack Obama School in Kogel, Kenay, and on Mama Sarah’s home. Mama Sarah as in the President’s grandmother. As she put it,

“I am very pleased that my home has been improved thanks to solar energy and I’ll make sure my grandson hears about it. Solar power is clean, reliable and affordable, unlike paraffin that is widely used in the area. Also, we now have qualified youth in the village who can help with the upkeep of the systems.”

This Solar Generation workshop is targeting how solar can help address energy poverty, poverty, and climate change in a win-win-win strategy, strengthening the economy (both at individual and macro levels), protecting the environment, and providing a reliable and clean energy supply. The 25 students are learning about how solar photovoltaiic panels produce electricity, how to install and maintan them, and some business opportunities via solar lamps.

“The workshop and practical installation of solar power are a critical opportunity for us to develop our own skills in renewable energy installation. Not only do we get to act against the devastating effects of climate change in Kenya, but also develop a source of revenue.” Robert Kheyi, project coordinator for the Kibera Community Youth Programme

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