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A reason to open the Washington Post …

May 10th, 2009 · No Comments

As regular readers of these pages (these electrons) are aware, there are many , Many, MANY reasons to find frustration in The Washington Post opinion pages which are, on occasion, balanced by sanity in responding letters and OPEDs. There is, however, one quite consistent voice who makes opening those pages worthwhile: the Post’s pulitzer prize-winning Tom Toles, who is quite possibly the best political cartoonist in the nation when it comes to climate change issues. (Collections of political cartoons on energy/environmental issues.) Another ‘on-target’ piece today:

This isn’t exactly news that Toles pens a good climate change cartoon.

Say the words “global warming” and “editorial cartoonist” in the same sentence, and most climate change wonks likely will conjure up the work of Tom Toles. … Toles likely has penned more global warming editorial cartoons – and for that matter more environmental editorial cartoons – than any other editorial cartoonist.

To be honest, Toles is one of the few reasons (along with local coverage) left why my household still gets the Post. Evidently, it mattered for us to let the Post know that.

His global warming cartoons for years “were never popular,” generating little positive feedback and some reader complaints that he was “obsessively interested in the subject and people were tired of hearing about it.”

Happily, this seems to have turned around, with ever more people letting Toles (and The Post) know that they appreciate that “someone else gets it”.

Sigh … the Post’s columnists must not look to Toles for inspiration since they simply don’t Get It

The Washington Post used to have a great advertising slogan: “If you don’t get it, you don’t get it.” Over time, for many of us at The Post and in the Washington area, “If you don’t get it…” (said with a weary tone) became shorthand to describe folks that, well, just don’t get it.

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