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Entries from June 2008

Energy COOL: A stroll in a garden

June 29th, 2008 · Comments Off on Energy COOL: A stroll in a garden

Since diving into the deep end when it comes to energy issues, almost every day sees new fascinating concepts, approaches, and technologies. Fascinating … exciting … even hope inspiring at times. And, as well, as the passion builds, so many of these are truly Energy COOL. This is a somewhat different path of discover and […]

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Building trends: “Small is the New Big.”

June 29th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Amid the rush for McMansioning of life, a counter-trend exists, with people looking to micro-homes, often modular homes, and other ways of thinking small about one’s home. A wave of interest in small dwellings — some to serve … as temporary housing, others to become space-saving dwellings of a more permanent nature — has prompted […]

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George Carlin: Global Warming Denier … ?

June 27th, 2008 · Comments Off on George Carlin: Global Warming Denier … ?

This video is the rage among the Global Warming denial sect, as they pass it around and post it with great glee following Carlin’s death. Their RIP is a celebration that George was one of theirs. You got people around you. The country’s full of them right now, people walking around all day long, every […]

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Pat Sajak: Gl_b_l W_rm_ng D_n_ _ r ( _ssh_l_!)

June 27th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Well, the man who needs aditzy blond to help him spell words has come out of the woodworks. Pat Sajak is a strong-worded Global Warming Skeptic. Sadly, Wheel of Fortune’s host probably has a greater voice than the thousands of IPCC scientists with a segment of the American public … hopefully that segment isn’t highly […]

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TRADITION! WashPost Global Warming reporting Fair and Balanced

June 27th, 2008 · 5 Comments

Tradition! The Washington Post is establishing a firm 21st Century tradition: when it comes to Global Warming, take guidance from Faux News, “Fair and Balanced”. Multiple times in the pastweek, both in reporting and on the editorial page, The Washington Post continued a seemingly iron tradition of coloring Global Warming science by ensuring that skeptics […]

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Dress Green with Barack …

June 27th, 2008 · Comments Off on Dress Green with Barack …

We’ve seen how the McCain campaign sought to fundraise with some greenwashing. (Do you have your bamboo greenwashing shirt?) Just like McCain, some lip service rather than real service to critical issues. Well, on the heels of the Sierra Club endorsement and Obama’s recent energy conversations, there is now a green Obama t-shirt. Just a […]

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Fair and Balanced strikes WashPost Global Warming reporting … again

June 26th, 2008 · Comments Off on Fair and Balanced strikes WashPost Global Warming reporting … again

Earlier this week, two Washington Post articles demonstrated, yet again, the Post’s editors’ dedication to modeling Post reporting after Faux News when it comes to Global Warming: “Fair and Balanced” over objective and truthful. In what were otherwise quite interesting and even valuable articles to read, the Post inserted material from Global Warming deniers and […]

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CtB vs CtO: Why greening taxis?

June 25th, 2008 · Comments Off on CtB vs CtO: Why greening taxis?

A brief discussion about the economic imperatives for greening the nation’s taxi fleets. But, first, acronym definition: CtB: Cost to Buy: acquisition price, how much to purchase something CtO: Cost to Own: total ownership costs, from purchase through operating to disposal Quite simply, moving our collective mindset from CtB to CtO is a societal imperative. […]

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Making Energy Cents — From the Home to the Globe

June 24th, 2008 · 17 Comments

Energy has become an ever-more central part of my life – personal, intellectual, and professional. This ranges from working with the Energize America team (and leading revamped EA2020 for 2007 and legislative action), to serving on the Board of The Energy Consensus (a non-profit working to change the discussion of energy in DC), being trained […]

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Secretary of Energy Richard Cheney?

June 23rd, 2008 · Comments Off on Secretary of Energy Richard Cheney?

When asked about the potential for finding a position for Dick Cheney in a McCain Administration, John McCain has a expressly straight talking response: “Hell Yeah!” Asked whether he’d be interested in Cheney had the vice president not already have served under Bush for two terms, McCain said: “I don’t know if I would want […]

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